Who Are We?

Dr. Testimonial is a marketing company focused on showcasing all of your services to the patients sitting in your office. Dr. Testimonial uses a unique combination of engaging videos to captivate your patients and highlight your cosmetic treatment types. What makes Dr. Testimonial different from other waiting room TV companies?

• Real Patient Testimonials

• No Boring Educational Videos

• Captivating Content

• Proven Results

• Relevant Video Content

• New Videos Produced Monthly

How Does it Work?

  • Dr. Testimonial focuses on engaging your patients with real life stories about specific treatment types. These videos are designed to encourage your patients to think about your more profitable cosmetic treatments.
  • Dr. Testimonial will market to your patients about all the services you offer in your practice. Using our powerful yet subtle patient testimonials as a marketing tool.
  • Educational videos are boring and don’t engage your patients. Our goal is to get them to look up from their smart phones and make an impact in the few minutes we have their attention.
  • The results are proven and the process is simple. Once connected, Dr. Testimonial will transform your TV into a professional and subtle marketing tool.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Testimonial streams a playlist of testimonial and explainer videos directly to your practice tvs. Each video will be chosen based on the services you want to be highlighted in your office. From Implants to SRP’s, Dr. Testimonial has got you covered.

Why Does it Work?

Dr. Testimonial works because we are not trying to over-educate your patients. A majority of patients simply want to know what services you offer and how people feel after they’ve had that same service. Engaging your patients with captivating stories is the best way to show them what you do and why it works.


What are the Next Steps?

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Email: support@drtestimonial.com
Phone: 303-269-9055

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